Now more than ever the pace of change is incentivising Executive Teams to challenge the status-quo and the below four areas are key in inciting change.

Executive Teams & Leaders.

We work with Executive Teams to unearth the most cohesive and enterprising team dynamics.
Executives are faced with an unprecedented need for development and focus on cross-functional vision, culture and collaboration, therefore how the Executive Team shapes culture is a more important question than ever with a resounding effect on your people.

We can also help you begin your own HIPO Program or help reassess candidates within a program, using external benchmarking. Pairing this with our Talent Hub service to address more specific needs and talent gaps.

Creating New Cross-Functional, Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

We’ve seen these teams create immense value in aligning the digital strategy with the business strategy, where there is a real need to move beyond traditional organisation structures.

These mission focused teams enable a cross-pollination of perspectives and experiences which drive cognitive diversity – a key element, which enhances innovation within teams by 20% on average. Either operating as a single unit or as a network of teams alongside traditional structures, with people moving from team to team instead of remaining in static formal configurations. Another positive knock on effect of this strategy is it leverages internal mobility, a powerful force in boosting knowledge, diversity and skills.

Assessments of Teams and Functions.

We conduct individual evaluations and use behavioural analysis, to look for areas of opportunities to augment capability and drive high performance, through individuals, teams and functions.

Culture Alignment & Enhancement

What we must continue to embrace in the 21st Century is that no one structure or culture is the best or right one. The most successful organisations aspire to be a unique combination of cultures and structures, coming together with purpose.
We can help you better align and strengthen your culture using behavioural science to better inform an understanding of the dynamic and ascertain opportunities for enhancement.

Each of these layers creates improvements in culture, performance and leadership.

Not only can we augment all of the above work with candidates from our own HI-PO Programme, through our partnerships with Top 30 Business Schools in Europe but we have also built a Multi-Lingual, Global Team of specialists to support any given assignment or project.

These individuals’ expertise ranges from Behavioural Science, Culture Creation, Psychology, Neuroscience, Architectural Design and Employee Wellbeing through to Leadership Coaches and Organisational Design experts.

We can call on them to partner with us on bespoke projects at your request.